Helping You Lead

Chief Executive Group exists to improve the performance of CEOs, corporate directors and other C-Suite executives, helping you grow your companies, build your communities and strengthen society.

Our Community

Public-Company Directors

Through our platforms, we reach and serve the leadership of virtually every company in America with revenues of more than $50M.

How We Do It

Through our peer networks, live events, proprietary research and flagship publications–Chief Executive,, Corporate Board Member and–we connect CEOs and public company directors of nearly every sizable company in the United States, sharing your experience, insights and hard-won wisdom to mutually benefit each other.


For CEOs and Senior Executives

  • As the leading media for CEOs and senior executives who run large and mid-sized enterprises, we produce Chief Executive magazine, and CEO Briefing newsletters
  • Leading conferences specifically designed for CEOs and senior executives
  • Chief Executive Network–industry-specific peer networks for CEOs
  • Senior Executive Network–peer networks for each CxO/senior executive position that reports to a CEO (e.g., CFOs, COOs, GMs, VPs of HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, etc.)
  • Chief Executive proprietary research

For Public Company Board Members

  • As the leading media for U.S. public company directors, we publish Corporate Board Member magazine, and Corporate Board Member newsletter
  • We host conferences and events specifically designed for public company board members
  • Corporate Board Member Institute–peer networks and educational programs (online and in person) for lead directors, committee chairs, committee members and board members

Strategic Partners

We also partner with exceptional companies and individuals that have specific expertise that can help our Board Member, CEO and/or senior executive communities and help get them their ideas and solutions in front of the relevant audiences.

Why We Do It

We believe in the power of free markets.

We believe that free-market capitalism has done more to create jobs and prosperity–and ensure democratic freedoms–than any other force in history.

We feel honored to serve the stewards of these free-market enterprises. You face a multitude of challenges and opportunities, and the vast majority care deeply about their employees, customers and communities. By helping you take your companies to the next level, we help you cure, feed, entertain and improve the lives of billions of customers, and create jobs and opportunities for millions of employees.

Who We Are

We have an exceptional and growing team of journalists, analysts, event producers, marketers, facilitators and sales executives who care deeply about our customers, our mission and each other.
We embrace diversity of ideas and backgrounds.
We are a high performance team and culture.


Join Our Team

Some of the Chief Executive Group team ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.