Leadership Team

Wayne Cooper

Chairman, Chief Executive Group and CEO, Chief Executive Network

Wayne is chairman of Chief Executive Group. He has been an entrepreneur since 1995 and successfully built multiple high-growth businesses. Wayne was previously a management consultant with Bain & Company and Monitor Company in Boston, London, Milan and Los Angeles. Wayne has an MBA from Harvard and a BA from Stanford University.

Marshall Cooper

CEO, Chief Executive Group

Marshall is CEO of Chief Executive Group.  He has been successfully turning around and building companies for almost 20 years. Marshall previously worked for KKR’s media roll-up (Primedia) and The New York Times Co. and served as a White House aide from 1989-1991. Marshall earned a BA from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

Dan Bigman

Editor & Chief Content Officer

Dan is editor of Chief Executive and Corporate Board Member magazines and oversees content development across all CEG platforms. Prior to joining CEG in 2017, he was managing editor of Forbes and the first Business Editor of NYTimes.com, where he co-founded the popular NYT Dealbook franchise in 2001. He has a BFA from Emerson College, Boston.

Jamie Tassa

Director of Events and Publisher, Corporate Board Member

Jamie is responsible for Corporate Board Member’s portfolio of media, content distribution and event platforms and leads all events under the Corporate Board Member and Chief Executive brands. Previously, Jamie was a managing director at Equilar and served as senior vice president of events for the NYSE’s Governance Services division. Jamie received her BA in Journalism from the University of Georgia.

Christopher Chalk

Publisher, Chief Executive

Chris Chalk, publisher of Chief Executive is responsible for revenue generation and growth through sales of integrated marketing programs to B2B marketers seeking to engage with the CEO and board member communities Chief Executive Group serves. Chris oversees Chief Executive Group's team of client advisors while managing client success and sales operations.

Melanie Haniph

VP, Human Resources

Melanie Haniph leads HR strategy and execution at Chief Executive Group, including talent acquisition, employee rewards and organizational development. Prior to joining the company in 2015, she held global HR and business leadership roles at Evolution Markets, MBIA and Citi. Melanie holds a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a BA from the University of Michigan. In her spare time, she writes recruiting and career advice content for various HR sites.

Rob Grabill

President, Chief Executive Network

Rob is the president of Chief Executive Network, a member organization that helps chief executives improve their effectiveness and gain competitive advantage. He began in 2003 as meeting manager, was promoted to director of sales & marketing and became VP of company operations in 2009. He was promoted again in 2014 to chief operating officer. Rob has a degree in Economics from Southern Methodist University.




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